Landline, mobile and exchanges


Good telephone accessibility is of great importance for most companies.
Whether it concerns accessibility by mobile phones or by landline, we provide a stable solution that will not let you down. We also advise on the latest technology options such as WhatsApp business or landline/mobile integration. Everything is aimed at optimising the communication lines of your company and keeping it stable so that your company is always reliably accessible to your customers.

Questions or information?
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The landline is indispensable for many companies. It ensures recognisability and trust with your customers. EDSAS offers solutions that are tailored to your needs, such as a recording function for conversations, which sends the sound clips directly to your email. Or receiving faxes by email and call forwarding that ensure you are available anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Telephony

Nowadays, the mobile phone is equally important as the landline, sometimes even more important. EDSAS examines your situation and finds the optimal solution, using solutions such as landline/mobile integration and WhatsApp business. We provide a network that increases your accessibility without additional communication time.

Telephone Exchanges

You use our reliable exchange with backup for a combination of telephony and internet. You do not need to make a large investment for this. You pay monthly and you will not be faced with unexpected costs due to updates. We take care of the updates and manage the exchange remotely. An ideal solution for SMEs and fast-growing companies.